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While much has changed in the world of technology, and the way we consume media, some of our inherent traits as men and women will be hard-pressed to change. So how do we tap in to those traits of the opposite sex and use that knowledge for marketing success?

Well without getting all gender-roles and society 101 on you, we’re going to put a pin in political correctness and let you in a few tips on how to be at the top of your marketing game when your main, or only, target audience is men. There are six things you can do when advertising a business targeting men.

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Get to the point

“Cut to the chase”, “don’t beat around the bush” – whatever phrase you want to use, just get to the point.

Studies have shown that men spend less time looking at web pages and sites than women do. Therefore getting to the point quickly and succinctly is the best method of capturing attention and getting your idea across; especially if your industry is dominated by men or specifically targets men. So cut out the nitty gritty details, and give them their information cut and dry, short and sweet…you get the point.

Efficiency is key

While quality content on your site is crucial, you also want to make sure the ability for a user to purchase, sign-up, email, etc is clear. Especially when it comes to targeting men, don’t make them dig for the ‘buy now’ button. Circle it in red with flashing arrows if you have to, just make sure there’s emphasis around where you want them looking.

If you’re advertising for a specific product or exclusive promotion make the news on the deal easy to find on the landing page and keep the information accurate and precise. This tip also translates to real-time when presenting to male counterparts; don’t distract with tangents, keep your main objective the focus of your presentation from beginning to end.

Stereotypes still rule

According to a 2011 study by Carlson School, men respond to insinuating ads while women do not.

Therefore, if your target customer is female, an image of a happy couple in your ad will likely pull more buying influence. However if you’re trying to gain the attention of men, channelling Don Draper’s advertising philosophies will work best.

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Men cost less ad dollars

In a 2013 study researchers explored which gender sees and clicks on more ads, draws more ad dollars and costs less to target. And to no one’s surprise the result was men.

So if your industry has a heavier focus on the male audience – or even an equally balanced focus between male and female – you’ll literally save money with a separate ad or objective aimed solely to men. Good for your sales, and even better for your marketing budget.

Facts over emotions

While emotional appeals can really draw women in and get us engaged, men won’t be reaching for the Kleenex when you try to pull at their heartstrings. They’ll be reaching for the remote instead. For men, emotion through advertising looks like you’re trying too hard and it’s unappealing. Unless you’re a Budweiser commercial during the Superbowl, in which case – forget everything I’ve said!

Has anyone ever told you, bring me a solution, not a problem? Facts, figures and solutions (with a dash of good humor) are what will keep your male audience interested and make them take a closer look. They want evidence as to why this product or service is better, faster and stronger, and how it’s going to improve their lives – all in less than 20 seconds, preferably.

Timing is everything

Diapers may have been through radical changes through the years, but the timing for baby commercials, cleaning products and kitchen gadgets hasn’t seen much change in the last 50 years. And even though many women work full-time rather than stay at home, these commercials still run mostly mid-day. Because women are still the primary caregivers, keeping the current timing still seems to be the smartest strategy.

So what do you see during primetime shows and Sunday football? Commercials for beer, outdoor adventure equipment and sports cars. Advertisers know the majority of the viewers during these events are men. If your product/service really fits a unique niche of the male audience, hone in on the peak times your target audience consumes media. Learn what marketing channels they prefer looking at and nail the right timing and sale from there.

All in all, honing in on the gender of your target audiences and what makes them tick will guide you to making specific choices that will lead to action. And as evidenced by studies mentioned, some tactics haven’t changed even though the decades have; the key is not wasting your time and dollars trying to fix something that’s not broken.

And in the same way that men and women respond differently, marketing is no exception. Switch your marketing strategies and messaging according to what changes you observe through market research and see your business continue to climb to the top.

Elaine Ngo

Elaine-NgoElaine is the VP of Marketing for HIDExtra, a leading ecommerce site helping customers with the most reliable HID kits on the market. With more than 5 years of experience in marketing, customer service, and proving that girls can have fun with cars too, Elaine always takes a creative approach which shows through her innovative ideas. Graduating from the University of California Riverside in 2009, Elaine loves the sun in southern California and taking her golden retriever to the beach.

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