Confessions of an Entrepreneur: Yifat Shirben, founder of

Confessions of an Entrepreneur is a series of events run by Leaders in Heels that showcases stories of entrepreneurs who have gone through hardships and difficulties of launching and growing their business. Some were wildly successful, while others failed. You’ll get to hear both sides of the story for a change!

Our first event is on Tuesday April 12 at 6:30pm, and we have four amazing entrepreneurs telling their stories on the night. Sound interesting? Purchase your tickets here!

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To give you a taste, we’ve asked each of our speakers a series of questions about themselves, and a teaser of what they’ll be sharing on the night. We’ve previously interviewed Elyse Daniels of Exodus Wear, and today we’re talking to Yifat Shirben, founder of and now an entrepreneurial marketer.

Yifat is combines her entrepreneurial and vast international marketing experience to help grow businesses by planning and implementing a marketing strategy that will fit their business, target audience and budgets.

yifat_shirben-pBriefly describe what you do during the week.

Being an entrepreneurial marketer and helping to grow businesses means every week is different from the previous one, as it depends on the current companies I’m working with. However, the building blocks of each week are more or less the same and include:

  • Working – developing and implementing marketing startegies for my clients.
  • Professional growth – dedicating some time to learn (reading professional blogs, industry news, participating in events etc)
  • Networking – catch up meetings, attending relevant events and online social interactions
  • Writing – I recently started writing my own blog and I write at least one article a week.
  • Mentoring – whether it’s by phone, email or 1 on 1 meetings – I dedicate a portion of my time to help starting entrepreneurs.
  • Trying to keep up with my inbox…. :)

Why do you love doing what you’re doing?

Diversity and impact. I like the fact each project brings new challenges along and that I get to learn about new industries. I also enjoy the ability to make a difference.

What will your confession be about… without spilling the beans?

4.5 years ago I shipped my first ever batch of beauty boxes to our customers. Something happened to the box while it was making its way to the girls, that made it very successful. A box that everybody was talking about…

How did you grow as a result of it?

Besides the fact that it helped with the word of mouth factor back in the days, I learned a very important lesson about the importance of first impression.
Since then I’m looking for as many ways as possible to implement it with other products and services I’m working on. I also understood that a good marketing manager is one who is involved in the product as well (as it is very hard to implement new ideas once the product is finalised).

If Yifat’s teasers about the mysterious happenings of her boxes has intrigued you, pick up a ticket to Confessions of an Entrepreneur and get the full story!