How to revitalise your business when boredom comes calling

Do you recall when you started your business; when you woke up each day full of ideas and couldn’t wait to get to work? Unfortunately, when the novelty of something new fades and the day to day requirements of running a business take over, you can find yourself in routine that dampens the enthusiasm.

One of my first businesses was walking and boarding dogs. I love animals and I enjoy creating my own schedule. I was very excited. The business was growing, yet I was bored. It had become monotonous and I really didn’t enjoy the marketing which was required to keep it going. These were things I could have changed, had I really looked at it. Instead, over time I slowed down the creation of new clients, and basically ran my business into the ground. I have learned a lot since then.

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Boredom is feedback telling you that it’s time to adjust what you are doing. Often, we wait, hoping it will go away. Unfortunately, that’s akin to an ostrich sticking its head in the ground. Everything is still the same, you are simply tuning it out. There is good news, it is possible to use the boredom to re-ignite your creativity and grow your business!

Be willing to commit to your own happiness

Because I am unwilling to remain bored or disenchanted I now re-create my business as is required. I learned to listen to my boredom. I question what I really desire my business to be, and what is and isn’t working. Above all else I commit to my own happiness.

Be willing looking at your business and be honest with yourself about what is really going on. What was your vision when you started your business? Perhaps your business has strayed from what you desired to create. Or, it’s possible you created what you desired, but it doesn’t fit your life as it is right now. Is your business fulfilling overall?

Money follows joy, joy doesn’t follow money. The happier you are with your living and in your business the more income you will invite into your life. Don’t fall into the trap of waiting for more money to show up to choose what makes you happy. When you have a business, it is a large part of your life. Make it work for you!

Ask Questions

When you ask open-ended questions from a space of pure curiosity, you are inviting possibilities to show up. Let go of any conclusions. If you have pre-determine what will the answer should be, you won’t be able to see anything else.

For example, you can ask: What do I need to change to re-engage with my business? What is possible here that I have never considered? Who or what can I add to my business to make it more enjoyable?

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Play with the questions, and know you aren’t looking for a concrete answer. What you are asking for is awareness of what is going on and how you can change it. Notice what shows up and any ideas that come to you, and follow what is light or expansive.

Be You

This may sound obvious, after all, who else would you be? However, many entrepreneurs are trying to fit into some image they bought into about what a business owner is supposed to be like. There are certain norms we accept as absolute without even realizing it. Have you bought the point of view that you have to be superwoman and do it all yourself, working so hard you give up you in the process? Allow yourself the time to have a full and fruitful life, don’t let everything outside of work fall away. Remember, money follows joy!

Is your role in your business one you enjoy; if not how can you adjust it? Consider delegating tasks to someone who would excel at them. Or, hire someone to do some of the things that detract from your enjoyment.

Is how you work working for you? If you are most productive in the morning, take advantage of that. If you do best with lots of time outside, allow yourself some breaks to take a quick walk or feel the sun on your face. Use the flexibility of having your own business to your advantage and allow yourself to shine.

Had I used these tools with my dog walking business, I would have known I required more variety and that doing it all myself wasn’t working. I could have added some doggy adventures in places I love, like hikes in the mountains or beach outings. I could have hired another dog walker – increasing income without overscheduling myself. And I certainly could have hired someone to help with marketing. The possibilities were endless.

Play with your business

Invite a sense of adventure back into it, and allow it to be fluid. Don’t be afraid to make big changes. One key to success is being present and interactive with your business to find out what works, and then not coming to a conclusion that you have found the answer.

Always be willing to add, remove and change elements of your business. If you try something new and it doesn’t work, change back or tweak it until it does work. Instead of judging it as a failure look for the information the situation is giving you. Choice creates awareness and invites more possibilities to show up. There is always something else you can choose.

When the fun of creation gives way to maintenance, boredom is not far behind. Find the joy in playing with the recipe of your business; add an ingredient, change the quantities of certain elements. Make improving your business recipe an ongoing target and you are sure to stay engaged, and your business will be even more successful!

Gabrielle Vena is a life coach and business mentor with a background in counselling psychology and psychotherapy. She is a certified facilitator of several Access Consciousness® special programs, including Being You and Joy of Business and is a certified practitioner in Reiki and Integrative Energy Therapy. Learn more about her at