Using social networking and office politics to advance your career

Office politics despite its often negative reputation is an important part of company life. It’s all about being aware of various workplace relationships, methods of communication and how to be influential within the mix. Social networking is often necessary to be successful in your role.

The key is to be diplomatic and respectful at all times, maintain good ethics, try to avoid gossip and whatever you do , don’t get personal. No matter how close you become with certain colleagues, it’s important to remember you are still in a working environment. Use your knowledge of office politics to build relationships with those who can help you develop your career. Gain an understanding of how influential people work and what their motives are, this will help you to get on their good side.

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Networking and social occasions – how to do it right

As so many of us are working increasingly longer hours, adding additional time to the end of a long week with social events can often feel like more of a burden than a benefit. However, work drinks and other social events can provide a great opportunity to network and get to know your colleagues outside your regular environment. This can help foster stronger professional relationships, and can help you work more efficiently through an increased understanding of the different personalities in the office.Maintain good ethics, try to avoid gossip and whatever you do – don’t get personal

It’s vital to remember your behaviour at these social gatherings doesn’t go unnoticed, so don’t act inappropriately as it can impact the way your manager and colleagues perceive you at the office the next day. Drunken behaviour will stir gossip and could impede your career progression, so it’s best to keep a good balance. Make the effort when you can to go along, have a laugh, meet new colleagues, but don’t go crazy!

Kellie Rigg

Kellie Rigg is the Operations Director of HR Consulting at Randstad. Randstad is a Global Fortune 500 Company and one of the world’s largest recruitment & HR services providers. The Randstad Group employs over 570,000 people with the aim of ‘shaping the world of work’. Randstad is passionate about matching people with organisations that will develop their potential and matching organisations with people that will take their business to the next level. Visit for further information.

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