5 ways you can improve your client interaction

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Almost every cliché has at least a small semblance of truth to it, otherwise it wouldn’t have become so commonly used and accepted as a cliché. The old saying that, “The customer is always right,” has more than a touch of truth to it, as without customers you will be soon closing the doors of your business. This has never been more true than today, where due to the pervasiveness of the Internet, most businesses are “always on” and have the capabilities to become global. Consequently, interacting with your clients and getting “inside their head” has never been more important.

Like most aspects of life, interacting with clients can be improved, all it takes is the desire and the know-how.Here’s 5 ways you can improve interactions with your clients.When you are seen contributing to a community which your clients frequent, it adds to your credibility and gives you further opportunity to interact with your clients

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#1 Go to where your clients are

If you want to know what your clients are getting up to, don’t wait for them to come to you (as you’ll be waiting a very long time), go to where they are. And where are they – online, of course. No doubt you have a website but that is simply not enough. It is imperative that you have a blog as well and that you use these tools to keep your clients involved with promotions and updates that will make them feel a part of your business.

#2 Go Social

A website and blog are the minimum for client interaction but in today’s world “minimum” just does not cut it. You require a social media presence so that you are always there for your clients and illustrate to them that you are part of the “new world.” Not all social media is right for every business, so you must select your platform, or preferably platforms, wisely. For example if you’re selling accessories on your website then Pinterest is a great platform as it’s based on photos mostly. However if you are giving a service such as a life coach, Twitter can be a great place to put out inspirational quotes. Use your social platforms to be at the forefront of your clients’ thoughts but without overdoing it. Remember, it is a fine line between interacting and annoying.

#3 Imitation

To keep with the cliché theme, imitation may be the most sincere form of flattery, and with the Internet it has never been easier to imitate or be imitated. Check out your competitors’ online presence, see what they’re doing right that you are not, and copy them. The imitation doesn’t need to be nor should it be blatant but you have to be part of the new reality.

#4 Surveys

Directly accessing clients in a way that is assured to show them you care rather than show them that you want to aggravate them is now at hand. Using surveys you can understand your customer’s wants, needs and satisfaction from your services. By asking questions about your performance, you can constantly improve your business, and when your customers see that they have a real affect, they will give more and more feedback and your interactions will increase.

#5 Be Out There

It is not enough to be a good corporate citizen; you also have to be a good citizen, period. And that means contributing not only to your community but also other communities – online communities that is. When you are seen contributing to a community which your clients frequent, it adds to your credibility and gives you further opportunity to interact with your clients.

Sharon Robinson

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