Creating Brand Awareness Online – Andre Weyher, Marketing Director

On Tuesday 16 June, 2015, Leaders in Heels is holding our first-ever workshop about Creating Brand Awareness Online. It’s a free event held at Fishburners, 608 Harris Street, Ultimo NSW. In the lead-up to the event, we’ve asked our amazing speakers a few questions about online branding, and any tips they have for entrepreneurs.

First up to bat is Andre Weyher–we’ll let him tell you about who he is and what he does.

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1. What do you do and what is your experience with Creating Brand Awareness Online?

I’m currently the Marketing Director at LegalVision – Australia’s best online business legal hub. We help Australian (small) businesses with highest quality, fixed fee legal work. Because of the online nature of our business the marketing focus is 90% online. I manage our AdWords campaigns, organic rankings through SEO efforts and brand awareness through events, online branding and content distribution. Before LegalVision I was with Google for 5 years as an AdWords and organic search quality specialist.

2. How has online branding changed over the past 5 years online?

People are slowly getting tired of the standard advertising they are bombarded with every day. In order to really stand out, a company needs to look beyond the basic advertising that consists of banners and move towards either creating exceptional value through content which truly informs an audience. The focus shifted from just shouting, towards shouting something very interesting and knowing who you shout it to.

3. What is one common mistake you’ve seen people make when marketing their brand online?

Not knowing who your target audience is and not writing for a niche.

4. What is one hot tip you’d give entrepreneurs if they have never marketed before?

Everyone who runs a business has a passion for whatever product or service they are selling. That passion and knowledge is the biggest asset that you have in your arsenal. Find your target audience and flaunt your knowledge and passion as much as you can. There is nothing more valuable for your SEO efforts than high quality, niche content targeted at a pre set audience who will benefit from it. You are the biggest marketing tool you have!

Find your target audience and flaunt your knowledge and passion as much as you can.

5. If you had to be a brand, who would you be and why?

I would aspire to be “Victorinox” Swiss Army knife. I’ve used their gear very often while mountain climbing and I associate them with durability and best in class equipment. They also have a very strong marketing team that’s always ahead of the curve and knows how to find it’s target audience.

If you liked what Andre had to say and want to hear more about how to create your brand awareness online, CLICK HERE to register for the Creating Brand Awareness Online workshop–places are limited!
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