The most uplifting and inspiring songs

Music plays a pivotal role in our lives. It helps us to enhance our mood, express our feelings and give us inspiration. Inspiring songs can also help to block out distractions, decrease tension and stress as well as improve concentration. It’s common that we tend to synchronize to the music we listen.

In the comments to this post I would like to collect all the best songs that help you to get through the good and tough times in life.

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The most inspiring songs

Here are mine:
when: my partner break up with me
what: I’ll survive by Gloria Gaynor and I don’t need a man by The Pussycat Dolls

when: I broke with the partner:
what: Single Ladies by Beyonce

when: everything’s going wrong:
what: Pick Your self Up by Diana Krall

when: my heart is dancing
what: Fly Me To The Moon by Frank Sinatra

when: getting ready for the party
what: Don’t Stop The Music by Rihanna

when: need relax
what: everything of Diana Krall

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What are your favourite tunes?

9 replies on “The most uplifting and inspiring songs

  • Yvonne

    For walking to work : All fired up Pat Benatar
    for relationships : I hate boys Christine Aguilera
    for summertime driving: where the wild things are Bliss N Eso

    There are 47 songs on my fired up playlist on my ipod :)

  • Natalie

    When I’m getting ready to go out – Let’s get retarded by Black Eyed Peas
    When I want to hear something LOUD – Galvanize by Chemical Brothers
    When I’m reminiscing of old times – Just can’t get enough by Depeche Mode

    I could go on forever, I love my tunes :)

  • Maree

    When we were told that Mum most likely would not beat her battle with cancer (5years ago) and things looked really bad. I started singing her favorite song in my head and becasue of that its now become a favorite of mine. Mums still with us btw and the song was….
    TOMORROW from the musical Annie.

    The sun’ll come out
    Bet your bottom dollar
    That tomorrow
    There’ll be sun!

    Just thinkin’ about
    Clears away the cobwebs,
    And the sorrow
    ‘Til there’s none!

    When I’m stuck with a day
    That’s gray,
    And lonely,
    I just stick out my chin
    And Grin,
    And Say,

    The sun’ll come out
    So ya gotta hang on
    ‘Til tomorrow
    Come what may
    Tomorrow! Tomorrow!
    I love ya Tomorrow!
    You’re always
    A day
    A way!

  • Wilhelmina

    Guy Sebastian is one of my favourite singers, with his song ‘Like it Like That’ picks me up, and gets me out of lack of motivation.

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