Many people assume a healthy lifestyle means a big hole in the budget. Myths include: staying fit requires expensive gym memberships and eating well equals eating into your grocery bill. Wrong. If you want to take ownership of your health, you can easily do so without a huge expense. Here are my tips for living a budget conscious healthy life.

Make your beauty products

Costly beauty products are an unnecessary expense as you can make your own using ingredients from your pantry. Face masks can be made using honey, turmeric and lemon juice. Soaps can easily be made with shea butter and green tea, and mixing sugar and essential oils makes a body scrub.

Use a meal plan to manage a healthy lifestyle on a budget

It’s important to be prepared for your meals. Doing so ensures you don’t buckle and buy unhealthy and expensive take outs, splash out on unnecessary groceries or meander away from your healthy eating plan.

  • Breakfasts: Every Sunday I prepare five make-ahead breakfasts, such as frittatas or bircher muesli, which I store in the fridge ready to go.
  • Lunch/Dinner: One Sunday a month I batch bake four lunches such as a vegetarian Shephard’s pie with cauliflower mash, salmon coconut fish cakes or a veggie bake, and store them in the freezer. These can be served at a later date with a leafy green salad for a nutritious, satisfying meal.
  • Snacks: A variation of humus such as turmeric and cauliflower, beetroot or carrot.
  • Drinks: Matcha green tea smoothie, watercress soup or a green tea and fresh ginger quencher to sip on throughout the day. This keeps me hydrated, my immune system in check and my metabolism high.

Make the most of your ingredients

To save money, time and avoid waste, I encourage people to consider how they can maximise a single ingredient. Roast a chicken for one meal, save the leftovers and boil the carcass for a delicious homemade nourishing stock, both of which you can freeze. In the following days, use the leftovers to make a mushroom and chicken risotto, soup and chicken salad.

Plan a healthy lifestyle on a budget by scheduling your week

Use your Leaders in Heels Planners to schedule your time so that you stay on track and avoid overspending. I usually write out the plan from 6am-7pm daily, and it will look something like this:

6 am – 30 minute at home yoga or pilates.
6.30am – Hot shower using one of my homemade body scrubs.
7 am – Enjoy a make-ahead breakfast and then make a tea to sip on during the day.
8 am – Start work.
10 am – Hummus snack.
Noon – Lunchtime!
2 pm – A soup or smoothie to ensure my body is getting extra greens, is nourished and energised.
5 pm – Finish work and then go for a brisk 30-minute walk or swim – anything to get some cardio and refresh the body/soul.
6 pm – Enjoy dinner with a big green leafy salad.
7 pm – Relax with a homemade face mask. I switch off all devices at this time as well.

Exercise at home

30-60 minutes of daily exercise at home is a key component of having a healthy lifestyle on a budget. We must use our muscles consistently to ensure our bodies remain flexible as we age. Personally, yoga, pilates or a brisk walk or swim helps me release the busy day.

About the Faye James

Fay-James-tips-for-a-healthy-lifestyle-on-a-budgetFaye is a 43-year-old mother of two who believes in living a healthy structured lifestyle to enhance confidence and energy. Adding to her achievements, Faye has recently published a book, The Life Long Plan, which shares more of her advice and tips.

In PR, just like TV news, no two days are the same. That is what makes it easy to find excuses to justify fast food and not making time for your health and wellbeing, but it is not sustainable. For more than 25 years I worked in newsrooms where the priority was the story of the day and meeting deadlines. Now, as Managing Director of a PR and digital agency, the pressures are similar, but there is one significant difference – I am the boss.

The old saying is “happy wife, happy life” and a company’s success is certainly dependent on a happy team. In the past 18 months, we’ve expanded offices and doubled staff numbers nearly every three months, and are still growing. Personally, I still find it hard to find time for me. However, there are steps we’ve taken in the office to help improve everyone’s wellbeing, including mine.

Here are some of those tips:

Learn to delegate

If you have a trustworthy, dependable and experienced team, you will feel more comfortable delegating roles. Although it might be a lengthy process, taking the time to hire reliable people is beneficial in the long run. You will feel comfortable and confident in delegating tasks.

Another approach is to utilise everyone’s strengths. If one team member excels at design, have them create visual content for your business. If another excels at writing, have them write content for your website or your clients.

Set boundaries between work and home

As a mum of two, keeping work and family time separate is always a challenge. While responding to emails or making phone calls might not seem like you are bringing work home, it can have more of an impact than you might think. It is particularly important to set boundaries between work and home if your business has multiple locations and you are required to travel.

For example, I am often leaving Brisbane for client meetings and media training, sometimes at the last minute. Over time, I realised how necessary it is to set boundaries to make time for work and my family.

Encourage health and wellbeing in the workplace

As all business owners know, it is important to lead by example. While this is typically with work ethic, it is just as important to actively encourage health and wellbeing. For example, many of us have diffusers on our desks with natural oils.

To counter that feeling of being stuck in front of a computer for too long we are embracing walking meetings. Sometimes it’s as simple as the morning WIP doubling as a coffee run. During this time, our Communications Director and Corporate Services Manager will brief me on the day ahead. It’s amazing how motivated you feel after some fresh air and sunshine, and the coffee doesn’t hurt either!

Be stricter about breaks during the day

I do encourage our team to eat lunch away from their computers. The temptation, especially in a communication and digital agency, is to stay tapping away at your keyboard but it’s important to give your eyes and your brain a break.

Our Administration Assistant selects fitness classes close to the office for the team to attend at lunch. It not only encourages everyone to take some time out during the day but helps build a strong team culture with a positive attitude towards health and wellbeing.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

As a business owner, admitting you don’t know something can be difficult – particularly as you are leading a team. It is often expected you should know almost everything in the industry before launching a business, which isn’t the case.

Industries, whether it be Public Relations, Health, Tourism, Mining or Finance are constantly changing, and it is almost impossible to be across all of these changes. It is important to remember it is okay to ask for help or find a mentor. Listening to their advice will broaden your knowledge and it is a huge stress relief to get those questions answered!

Leisa Goddard Health and wellbeing for leaders

About Leisa Goddard

Leisa Goddard is the Managing Director of Digital and PR Agency Adoni Media. Leisa has more than 25 years of experience working and presenting news and current affairs for Australia’s three commercial television networks including time as a foreign correspondent and war correspondent. Her award-winning agency has offices in Sydney and Brisbane.

When you’re busy creating, inspiring and running your business, it’s easy to put yourself and your health low on your list of priorities.

In summer, as the work heats up, the need to shine becomes even stronger, and the best way to shine is to boost your health, and your confidence.

While it’s likely that you already know a long list of green tea health benefits, we’re here now to highlight 3 surprising ways that Green Tea will help boost your glow this Summer.

1. Hydration: Water enhancement is where it’s at

Healthy hydration is essential for the body and mind to function well. It’s what helps your eyes to sparkle, your skin glow, and your body to stay healthy.

Have you noticed the HUGE move away from sugary, flavoured drinks such as soft drinks, juices, energy drinks and so on? That’s because the amount of sugar and artificial ingredients in these is absolutely enormous, and wreaks havoc on the fine balance within the body.

Pure, natural hydration is key, with water being the best possible base.

Pure, natural hydration is key, with water being the best possible base. With so many people looking for a little flavour in their drinks, water enhancement is now where its at.

Green tea is at the top of the list of desirable additions to water as it contains absolutely no sugar, no calories and loads of antioxidants to boost your health and your energy. Now, there’s even a 100% organic, green tea & fruit extract that can be poured straight into your water bottle!

2. Boost Your Metabolism, Energy & Endurance

Running your own business can be like running a marathon. You need the focus and determination, as well as the energy and the endurance. As it turns out, green tea can offer all of these things! Green tea has a unique combination of antioxidants and caffeine that work together to increase your energy levels naturally, while encouraging your body to function at its best possible level.

Several studies show that consuming green tea leads to decreases in body fat, especially in the abdominal area! It’s also the perfect alternative to sugary drinks, and swapping just one can of soft drink for one cup green tea can save you over 30g of sugar and 150 calories in one hit.

No need to head for the coffee machine – green tea has also been shown to give just as much energy as a cup of coffee, but without the jitters.

3. Enhance Your Brain Power and Shine

Cognitive function – it’s different for all of us. Some of us work better in the mornings, and some at night. Some of us have fantastic memories for detail, and some of us are wondering if we’re showing early signs of dementia.

Regardless of your cognitive strengths and weaknesses, several studies have shown green tea to improve cognitive function by boosting memory and enhancing functional brain connectivity.

A recent study has also demonstrated very exciting evidence that the antioxidant and caffeine combination found in green tea may work to prevent certain types of dementia, including Alzheimer’s Disease. This is very promising news for all of us!

So if you’re looking for a really fast, simple way to boost your glow this Summer, green tea could just be your answer!

Featured image via Pixabay under Creative Commons CC0


Jodie-Fergusson-Batte-Leaders-in-HeelsJodie Fergusson-Batte
Jodie is a nurse with a passion for preventative health. Along with fellow nurse, Vanessa Carslake, they founded Green Tea in 3 Seconds, and with that, made it their mission to positively influence the general health and wellbeing of all Australians, at the same time as making a significant contribution to the prevention of diseases such as obesity, diabetes and cancer by providing fast, convenient, health-boosting alternatives to sugary, flavoured drinks. Between them, they have 20 years experience in the health care setting, from Intensive Care Units right through to Advanced Wound Care Clinics.