Interview with Kimmi Nissen, editor of beauty blog The Plastic Diaries

She has been working in the media industry since the age of 15. A year ago she gave up her permanent job to focus toward her passion…

I had the pleasure of sitting down over an iced mocha at Lindt Chocolate Café in Sydney Darling Harbour with Kimmi. She looked stunning. When asked what foundation she was using (her complexion was really exquisite) she replied “it’s skincare”. She loves DMK skincare.

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Leaders in Heels: You run a successful beauty blog that has on average 20,000 unique visitors each month. What was your inspiration in creating The Plastic Diaries?

Kimmi: My inspiration was really quite simple. I am vain, and I figured there would be other people in the world who are too. I do believe beauty is on the outside, but I wanted a place to talk about external beauty. I wanted to create a space that other woman and I can talk about cosmetics, skin care and our quest to look forever beautiful, without any flack or judgement.

Leaders in Heels: How did your career start?

Kimmi: My career started young. At 15 I was doing work experience at a magazine publishing company, and I was offered a traineeship (similar to an internship but it is a paid full-time role). I accepted the position, left school and have been in the media business since.

Leaders in Heels: Have you ever had a moment of hesitation, you know, the thought “Why am I doing this? Is it really what I love?”

Kimmi: All the time I am a really emotive person, so I am either telling myself I am the king of the world and loving life, or I think my world is over and I hate everything in it. So yes, always.

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Leaders in Heels: Any problems you have encountered…?

Kimmi: In the grand scheme of things, the ‘problems’ are minute, but as I said above, I am emotive and it was the-end-of-the-world at the time. Most problems either related to not having enough money for what I wanted to do, or not having enough knowledge.

Leaders in Heels: You organized together with Jacie Galpin the inaugural Australian Beauty Blogger Weekend. It was an amazing achievement to bring together over 80 bloggers and 45 official sponsors into one place. How did you manage it?

Kimmi: I managed it with a lot of yelling at myself. No, it was really a blessing to be working with such a lovely lady like Jacie (Editor of She is a beacon of light who kept us calm and moving forward at all times. Other than that, it just took a lot of determination.

Leaders in Heels: You have recently started The Styleless Diaries blog. What are your plans for the future?

Kimmi: The Styleless Diaries is only in its infancy and is in no way similar to the content on The Plastic Diaries. It is a ‘style’ blog, and I say the term ‘style’ loosely as it is actually about my lack of style. To me, The Styleless Diaries is a bit more personal and fun because I take cheap shots at myself. The Plastic Diaries is a tad more serious (despite my lame jokes) because it is what I am truly passionate about.

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