The latest fashion trends for women in business

Leaders in Heels interviewed Jennie Geisker, designer of corporate women’s double cuff business shirts and accessories about the latest trends in fashion for women in business, including business casual styles. Jennie launched her own label last year because, as an employee, she couldn’t find any trendy shirts that were still feminine and under $200. Jennie is also a strong believer in dressing appropriately for the workplace, and believes that wearing a shirt gives women that added bit of confidence and pride that is required in the corporate world. Here is what Jennie suggests you wear this season.

Fashion trends for women in business


A colour theme but one that looks great on most people (mainly brunettes). Pastels are great because generally you can wear them all together i.e. pale blue trousers with white peplum top and a pale salmon suit jacket. Team this with tan pumps and you are hot on the trend.

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Here are our selections based on Jennie’s advice:


Peplums are the fabulous little skirts or trim you see on tops or dresses. They suit a range of body shapes, but namely column, top heavy, and women that want to create more curves. Peplum dresses are great for the office because they are feminine, on trend and often knee length with cap sleeves.

Peplums are also great to wear with suit pants as they look dressy even without a jacket, great for those hot summer days.

Here are our selections based on Jennie’s advice:


Prints on prints have been in for a while now but wear this trend with caution. For the office it’s best to wear this trend as a floral shirt with a plain skirt (so the top does all the talking), or if you work in a more creative office, you could wear a floral pant with a plain tee and blazer with pumps.

Here are our selections based on Jennie’s advice:

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Black, White, Yellow.

The trend that works great for the office is the colour palette, black, white, yellow. There are a few stores with this colour theme placed in their windows for style inspiration. Cue and Sheike are two of the mainstream stores, and they also have great work wear pieces including pencil skirts, peplum tops and tailored suit jackets.

Here are Leaders in Heels’ selections based on Jennie’s advice:

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