4 types of content for your Facebook page

Creating a successful Facebook marketing strategy can’t be done without content. Your content is how you can find, reach, influence, engage, motivate, inspire and convert your ideal client. It’s pretty clear to say that without content you don’t have a Facebook marketing strategy at all.

Working with hundreds of business owners, I find that their biggest struggle with Facebook is coming up with consistent content to share on their page each and every week. Often they can speak with their clients face to face with no issue, but asking them to share this same content on Facebook and they freak out. To get your creative juices flowing I’ve outlined below the four different types of content you can share on Facebook.

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The four types are: SeeMe, BelieveMe, EngageMe + PayMe content. I’ve outlined them below and shared an example of each.

SeeMe Content

SeeMe Content is content which is highly relevant to your ideal client but has no bearing on your business. The goal behind great SeeMe content is that your ideal client (who are already fans of your page) share this content with their friends/family etc who are also your ideal client. It should trigger the thought – “My friends will really like this, I’ll share this on my profile”

When this action occurs your page is exposed to more people and it helps you grow your fan based organically.


BelieveMe Content

BelieveMe Content is content which is about your business – but not sales related. The ideal is to position yourself and company as the expert in your industry. The easiest way for most people is to provide tips and hints about your products, services, industry, company etc. Always aim to be education, inspiration and entertaining. No boring content here. The goal of your BelieveMe Content is to build your credibility (or BelieveMe Bank) with your fans so that when they are ready to purchase your product or service you are the only choice for them because they know, like and trust you.


EngageMe Content

The more your fans interact or engage with your page on Facebook, the more likely they are to see more of your content. For this reason it’s important to create content specifically designed to encourage them to do so. It could be as simple as asking them to click the “like” button or answer a question. And I’ll let you in on a little secret – people love sharing their opinions – so ask them often and this really get the conversation started.


PayMe Content

When business owners venture into the world of Facebook they either are sell, sell, sell or they completely forget about asking people to buy from them. Facebook is a social networking site, so social should be your primary goal, however you must make it easy for people to buy from you and this is where the PayMe Content comes into play. Your PayMe content should be designed to take people to the next steps in your business; direct them to your website, online store, ask them to call, drop into your location – whatever it is for your business.

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When creating your content aim for 80% to be SeeMe, BelieveMe + EngageMe content whilst only 20% should be PayMe Content.

Grab a piece of paper now, and write down 10 ideas for each of the types of content. Great. You now have 40 pieces of content which you can share on your Facebook Page. Use the Facebook Schedule to make sure you are posting regularly and staying consistent.

Natalie Alaimo

Natalie Alaimo is a social media marketing expert who teaches small business owners & entrepreneurs how to build the brand of “YOU” via social media & online marketing to create an avalanche of clients ready to buy from you.

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