Realising the potential of QR codes for business

Last weekend, I attended the ‘Reinvent your Career’ expo held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. After I had bought my ticket, there was a stand with iPads embedded so you could fill out your details to win prizes. This is not the first time I have seen iPads being used at conferences and expos to enter information, however I found it interesting that on our individual tickets there was a QR code (and a number) to scan to win prizes.

It was interesting to note that there was no information on how to scan your QR code (on the iPads) especially for people who have no idea what a QR code is.

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iPad for scanning QR codes

So, what is a QR code? This quote is taken from Wikipedia:

QR code (abbreviated from Quick Response Code) is the trademark for a type of matrix barcode (or two-dimensional barcode) first designed for the automotive industry in Japan; a barcode is an optically machine-readable label that is attached to an item and that records information related to that item”.

A QR code typically goes to an image, document or website that has a direct link embedded with that QR code.

How to create and use a QR Code.

Step 1: Create a QR Code.

You will need to create a QR code. This can have your image/logo within the QR code. Here are some sites to get you started:

  1. This also allows you to choose the colour of your QR code and what information goes into the code.
  2. This site shortens the URL with the ability to create a QR code as well.
  3. This site allows you to add your logo (image) into the QR code for a better brand experience.

Step 2: Check to see if it works

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Download these apps onto a smartphone or tablet device depending on whether it is Apple (iOS) or Android.

QR Code Reader and Scanner (iOS devices)

Scanlife Barcode and QR Scanner (Android)

Step 3: Take a screenshot of the QR code

Take a screenshot/screen capture of the QR code (save it as a .jpg) so you can then place it on flyers, brochures, business cards or your website.

How can you use it for your business?

On websites, I am seeing QR codes appear more and even on business cards (see mine below), this takes you directly to my website. Competitions and events are a great time to use QR codes whether your business is service or product based.


Example of QR code application

Recruitment Pool Pty Ltd had a QR code linked to their landing page (website) on a flyer at the Career Expo that I attended. Sonia Kokkalos, CEO & Founder from Recruitment Pool said “ You need to be smarter in what you say and do online, so it reflects your personal brand”. There is also a QR code on her business card that was used when Sonia spoke at the Expo. Recruitment Pool is also using QR codes in individual’s personal brand profiles to link the hardcopy CV world with online information, a first in the recruitment industry.

How can you use it personally with your brand?

More and more individuals (not just companies with products in supermarkets) are putting personalised QR codes on their products, brochures, business cards and flyers for services. These personalised QR codes have the logo somewhere featured in the code or the code is overlaid on top of the logo.

Featured image credit: Scott Blake

Megan Iemma

Megan Iemma is passionate about adult learning and translating complex technology to real world situations for education, corporate and community groups. As an experienced consultant and trainer she has worked in technology consulting and training in addition to being a fully qualified primary/secondary music teacher. Megan set up “Tech Coach HQ” to fulfil her passion for technology and learning. She is a co-founder of the Slide2LearnConferences which started in 2010. This is a world class Australian conference model with overseas attendees and presenters in the area of Mobile Learning in Education. You can connect with Megan on LinkedIn or Twitter.