Smart Apps for Busy Executives

When working from your mobile device whether it is a smartphone or a tablet, there are some must-have apps to help your day be more productive, less stressful and help with key tasks that need to be done.

As with most things, anything that can integrate with other smart apps ( workflow) will make your life easier and those who support you in your job.

A quick note from LH Agenda…

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AM: Time to start the Day…

Pocket Informant Pro for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad on the iTunes App Store-1

Informant Pro ($15.99 AU)

This app includes tasks, notes, calendar and contacts all embedded in one app. The great thing about this app is that you only have to purchase it once for both smartphone and tablet device. The event location maps is a must for a busy executive so you can map out exactly how much time you need to get from one meeting to the next. It syncs Google Calendar as well as iCal events.

1st Meeting, and you need to swap business cards:

Evernote Hello

Evernote Hello (Free)

Evernote Hello is my latest addition to both my phone and iPad and it makes for ease of use especially at conferences or networking events where business cards are exchanged. This app scans the business card in and then transfers these details to your free (premium or Business) account with the image of the card, time of the meeting and location. If you ever forget the name of the client or individual, just type in some key words as it scans the image for these details.

1st Meeting (Taking Notes)


Notability ($1.99 AU)

Notability is one of those multi-tasking apps where you can handwrite and type text, draw diagrams, add images, add audio and annotate over PDF’s. It has fantastic integration with Dropbox, Google Drive and the ability to email your notes to Evernote (if you have an account).

A quick note from LH Agenda…
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Finding the closest Post Office or Bank…

AroundMe (Free)

Ever been interstate or overseas on a work trip and needed to find the closest bank, post office or even a pharmacy, this app is a must-have for your device. It includes the distance and where to find it on Google Maps.

Time to file those receipts

Expensify (Free)

There is nothing worse at tax time trying to locate your business expenses for the past financial year. This app will scan the paper receipts and find the merchant, date and amount of the transaction. It can create a new cash expense or add it to your existing expenses. It’s vital that you can then email these reports to your chosen accountant or to yourself for tax purposes.

Scan your documents on the go…or a whiteboard in a meeting.

JotNot Scanner Pro ($0.99)There is nothing worse than having to go back to the office to scan your documents in via a printer or photocopier where you can do it with your Tablet device. This app integrates with an Evernote , Google Drive, or a Dropbox account. It can batch scan multiple pages and gives you the ability to re-order pages if needed.

Help! I have to give a presentation in a meeting….

Haiku Deck for Presentations (Free plus in app purchases)

Haiku Deck is an tablet presentation app where you can create, add images, text and then export to Facebook, email and twitter and even embed the presentations into your website or blog. The images are all creative commons based which means they are free to use (this is a bonus so you don’t have to go searching for images). It’s then easy to present the slideshow straight from the tablet device.

Featured Image Credit: Johan Larsson


Megan Iemma

Megan Iemma is passionate about adult learning and translating complex technology to real world situations for education, corporate and community groups. As an experienced consultant and trainer she has worked in technology consulting and training in addition to being a fully qualified primary/secondary music teacher. Megan set up “Tech Coach HQ” to fulfil her passion for technology and learning. She is a co-founder of the Slide2LearnConferences which started in 2010. This is a world class Australian conference model with overseas attendees and presenters in the area of Mobile Learning in Education. You can connect with Megan on LinkedIn or Twitter.