3 reasons why getting into character will put on a good PR show

Taking centre stage for most is a scary thought but just think of Richard Branson, he was quoted as saying: “A large part of the Virgin Story has been my willingness to be a central character in our publicity. I don’t know how many different outfits I have dressed up in during my business life – probably more than Lawrence Olivier.

You don’t have to dress up as Daisy the cow to get noticed; you just have to be willing to be ‘out there’

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In the case of Virgin we see Richard Branson taking centre stage, he’s part of the company’s advertising campaigns, and the company spokesman – he’s out there, and takes his numerous roles very seriously.

Taking control of your company’s PR message and taking centre stage is good PR, it shows you care and above all are passionate about what you do.

Your customers, contacts, and advocates may like you and your company but they are busy and we know how quickly time goes, and how quickly we forget, when we’re busy. Staying front of your customers’ minds is harder than you think, don’t allow yourself to be forgotten, take centre stage and stop your competition from waiting in the wings to pick up the pieces.

Here are three good reasons to consider before you get into character:

1. Get noticed

There is a plethora of choice. From TV channels to brands, the options are endless. Make it easy for people to only consider one option. Taking centre stage and sharing what is good about you, your business and your product through the use of PR is a direct route to repeat business. Don’t be a shrinking violet, equally don’t become a drama queen, find that balance and get noticed for all of the things you do right.

2. People hear your voice

Educating and informing doesn’t have to be boring, maintaining consistency through the creative use of PR can ensure you project your voice as far as the Upper Circle. Remember, if your voice isn’t heard because you’re whispering who will hear it? They’ll think you’ve stopped communicating and your customers will move on in favour of someone that wants to communicate to them.

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3. Remind people who you are

Repetition is reputation right? Oh yes it is! The balance here is not to pester, don’t become annoying, you don’t have to take the role of the clown. Focus on relevant communication delivered in a consistent manner. PR can focus your message and make it relevant, engaging, and even captivating. Ultimately it can make you memorable for all the right reasons.

So when you hear “It’s behind you” you can say “oh no it isn’t” because taking centre stage will ensure your competition isn’t making a fool of you behind your back.

Colette Lowe is the Founder and owner of Chew PR. Colette has worked in PR for over 15 years. She has seen both sides and worked for consultancy and in-house teams providing her with an insight not many see. Colette will be contributing to the Public Relations section. She is based in Wakefield, England.

Photo credit: slimmer_jimmer