4 myths holding you back from business success

What if the biggest limitations holding you back from business success are also the simplest to change? For every problem or hurdle, there are infinite possibilities – if you are willing to be a person who invites in opportunity over obstacles. In truth, our biggest obstacles to success are the limited points of view we inherit from the people and world around us and then lock away in our mindset.

This is what I came to discover when I started my translation business at the age of 48. At the time, I had no previous experience running a business and faced a lot of doubts – both in my own mind and verbally, from those around me. When I challenged my mindset and took action, my business and I became unstoppable.

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After working with people from all walks of life, ages and continents, I noticed that many of us become deterred from starting business because of some common misconceptions. Here are four of the leading myths about business success, and how to shift your mindset so that you can go beyond them and enjoy creating a thriving business!

It’s too late to start

When I was launching my business, I received a lot of different opinions about my ability to succeed. Some folk were happy for me, and others, even those close to me, expressed doubt and uncertainty (and even disbelief) that I would choose this. I was told that I was at a disadvantage as a woman over 40, that I was out of touch with market trends and wouldn’t be able to keep up. I had moments in the beginning where I hesitated. After all, these people were close to me, and their points of view mattered. How could I move on with what I desired to do and not offend them?

It came to a point where I had to become clear with me: If I was going to put other people’s points of view and judgements first, I was never going to do and be something for myself. What would happen if I put myself first? To get over this hurdle, I used a simple tool – I asked myself a question: If I was really choosing for me, what would I choose?

From this simple question, I was able to step outside the opinions of others, gain the clarity I needed to trust myself and follow my own desires. The funny thing is, once I started doing that, many of the people who had initially doubted me changed their behaviour toward me and sought out my business!

Wait until you are ready, certain, prepared, etc…

“I have to wait until I am ready!” used to be one my favourite point of views – one I often used to slow myself down. But what I finally realised is, I would never feel ready. I just had to go for it or nothing would happen!

Have you ever had an idea to start something, and then thought, “I’d better take another course,” or, “I need to prepare better first,” or you didn’t want to try something new unless you were sure you could do it perfectly? The myth we buy into is that it is possible to be 100% prepared, perfect or ready.

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But what if you are never at your “best” because there is no such thing? What if we are always “under construction”? There is always more we can add, accomplish, achieve and create. Instead of waiting to be ready, at our best, or getting it just right, ask: What is the best I can be and do today? What can I accomplish and what can I create?

You have to have the right education or experience

Do you allow all of your experience, knowledge and difference to count in the creation of your business?

When I first started studying languages and sociology, I would never have predicted that one day I would be able to combine that experience to create a successful business. I can translate and speak different languages, therefore I’ve been able to expand the range of people I work with and talk to, and the locations in which I can conduct classes and workshops. My background in sociology gives me both an individual and global approach to people – and approach that is different and that works for me.

In addition, I am a mother and I use my experience with parenting and raising my son to relate to a wide range of women and talk about things not many people feel easy speaking about. Take some time to look at all of your talents and abilities – especially the ones you believe have no value. Ask: What is it that’s special about me that I haven’t valued, because it’s easy for me? What would it create if I included those capacities in my business, too?

You have to copy someone else’s model

There are a lot of ‘answers’ out there about the right way to do business, create business, run a business … right down to the optimum business hours! But the best way to create a business is not to follow other people’s models, but to do what works for you.

I started creating my first business – translating books – so that I could spend time at home with my son. With this translation business, I could do the work at home while my son was at school or at night when he was sleeping. It worked for me for that period of time, and I used my skills and created money. Importantly, I was able to change my business model when my personal circumstances changed. Ask yourself: How can I create my business in a way that works for me? What if it didn’t have to follow a structure or system or model that limited you to achieve success in your business?

The more you trust yourself and don’t buy into the opinions and judgements of others – even the experts or people who you care about – success becomes so much easier, and a lot more fun! What do you desire, what do you know and what can you create that no one else can?

Norma Forastiere is a business mentor, natural therapist and certified facilitator of several Access Consciousness® special programs. A native Portuguese speaker with a proficiency in English and Spanish, Norma founded her first business, a translation coaching service, at the age of 49. She offers workshops and consultations for those willing to explore greater possibilities in life, and in business. Find her at http://www.normaforastiere.com/