Workplace solution providers – Could your business benefit from a fully managed solution?

This article was created in partnership with OfficeMax.

Managing a growing business is a huge responsibility! Whilst some believe that signs of growth mark a sure path to success, the well informed amongst us are all too aware that with growth comes great challenges.

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Scaling through periods of growth, navigating resourcing considerations, hiring staff and dealing with the complex day to day operations of a growing business can drive some owners to the point of nervous breakdown.

Outsourcing menial tasks to staff and providers whether internal or external can take a huge weight of stress off your shoulders and streamline processes that could have otherwise consumed hours! Take the supply of office goods for example, there are countless benefits to working with a supplier that can scale the supply of goods as your business grows.

Below we explore the process of working with an office goods supplier and the many considerations one must take into account before signing a contract.

Sourcing supplier goods

It’s important to consider the level to which you require support before seeking a workplace solution provider. If running a small business, you may wish to source goods independent of a managed supplier to keep costs low. Is the process so difficult to manage at present that you’ll unlock efficiencies through automating it? Consider this with deep thought prior to making a decision either way.

If you require a fully managed and multilayered supply of goods, you may want to consider a supplier such as OfficeMax. OfficeMax is more than just a supplier of office stationery, they handle the delivery of workplace solutions in all areas from office furniture to printing supplies and tech products. They exist to make the life of business owners easier and offer complete workplace solutions that aim to manage every input of an organisation’s needs.

Considerations before signing with a supplier

It’s important to weigh up your supplier options before signing with a business for a predetermined period. Take your time and shop around to feel confident that you’ve made a choice that is truly in the best interests of your company and all those that you represent.

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Consider the supplier’s expertise as it relates to your position in the market, the size of your business and your needs in the short and long term. Reach out to a number of suppliers, express your needs and receive a number of quotes before signing a contract.

Setting up a business account with your chosen supplier

Opening and setting up an account with your selected office goods supplier shouldn’t be a cause for concern. Ensure that they are fully aware of your expectations before setting up the account and be sure to discuss delivery timelines prior to committing. A strong partnership relies on communication from both sides of the contracted parties!

Could your business benefit from a fully managed supply of workplace supplies? Research your options thoroughly and consider the benefits before you reach out with a view to negotiating contract terms.