Where to find your dream copywriter

where to find your dream copywriter

Last time I wrote about why you need a copywriter for your business. In this post, I share where to find those secret places, us cool cat copywriters hang out.

So where are you going to find your dream copywriter?

Get jiggy on Facebook

Many of us writers are completely addicted to social media, and in between projects, breathlessly stalk the million Facebook groups we have joined; from Business Business Business to copywriters who work in Sydney and have beards. We do love a Facebook group mainly because it helps us feel connected to the outside world that exists beyond our desks in our homes. So put a call out and see what happens.

Prim and proper LinkedIn

Meh! Not as much fun as Facebook but you’ll find us there with an updated profile page but possibly a little less inactive. Know why I say this confidently? Because in my four years of being on LinkedIn, I have yet to see a callout for a copywriter. Guess those businessy types are too busy eh? If you want to see samples of our work go to our website, call or email us to see if we are the right fit. We will take you seriously we promise and get back to you within 24 hours! Ps: No sales pitches after accepting a LinkedIn request, we hate those as much as you do. LinkedIn groups, sorry simply can’t keep up!

Ask your network

If you have a list of people you contact for business advice then it’s a great place to ask if they know a copywriter you can trust. One, it saves you time trawling through Google. After a while every copywriter’s website looks the same as the previous one, two, referrals are often worth their weight in gold and are never given out lightly. Having things in common with the person referred helps to break the ice and it’s easier to build rapport and get a good result.


Again, not really seen many callouts by businesses looking for a copywriter but if you’re active on it then you can look for a copywriter using the hashtag #copywriter, #contentwriter #writer and see who comes up. Check out their tweets and their website and see if they know what they’re talking about. Tweet to set up a meeting and you’re all set.

Copywriter directories

There are some copywriting businesses which have a list of business services where you can search for a copywriter. Generally, if it’s a well known business they will offer you quality copywriters though it might cost you a fee. It’s a good investment because it saves you the trial and error of looking for the right writer (catchy!) yourself.

Google search

You might be wondering why I’ve listed a Google search as your last option. Being a copywriter myself, I prefer to look for other writers on social media first if I need help. The best writer for your project may not always come up on the first page of the results and it also depends on what you’re searching for, which may not always be clear in your mind. Results for ‘web content writer’ could be vastly different from ‘blog writer’ and let’s face it – websites can be made to say anything.

Think of hiring a copywriter as an investment into your business and it is a big deal. You need someone who will understand your business, understand what and why you need content, suggest ideas, be quick to understand and interpret what you need, deliver professional, well written content and quote you accordingly.You need to deal with a real person not some name on an agency’s books or profile on a website like Fiverr.

Please, please don’t be cheap and try to get out of paying a reasonable amount for your copy; we have to eat and would like to go on the occasional holiday just as much as you. Copywriting is a skill, not everyone can do it and those who can need to be paid fairly.