5 top tips to clear space for the life you crave in 2013

We are all so caught up in the whirl gig of the silly season right now, it is easy to forget there is a new year of possibilities peeping over the horizon. As we enter the home stretch of 2012, it’s the perfect time to purge and make space for the life you crave in 2013.

1. Trade in your to-do list

How many things do you do daily that are not aligned with what you want to be, how you want to feel, when you show up in the world? Simplifying your life by ditching some stuff on your list is one of the most clearing and cleansing gifts you can give yourself. What can you let go, outsource, simplify or swap to make more room in life for doing what your heart really desires?

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2. Review your relationships

How do you crave feeling in your relationships with family, friends, colleagues and lovers? Who are the people in your life who make you feel inspired uplifted, supported, respected, and treat you as an equal? On the other hand, are there others who leave you feeling drained, defensive or frustrated? For any relationships, that are not serving up what you crave, you need to choose one of two options: accept your part (remember it takes two to tango), and commit to the clear communication and generosity of spirit required to evolve a relationship; or understand the relationship has come to a natural conclusion, forgive and let it go gracefully.

3. Ramp up your radical self respect

Taking care of yourself is so much more than what you eat and how you exercise. It’s time to understand the power of what goes on between your ears. Are you your own best friend or worst enemy, or do you split your time between thinking I am fabulous and I am crap? It’s time to kick the limiting beliefs and messages you keep repeating to yourself. Awareness is the first step in creating new possibilities, so pay attention to the thoughts going on each day and add the crappy habits to your let-go list!

4. The power of pause

It is super easy to become completely disconnected from what you really want, if you are leading the over-scheduled under-rested life so many of us fall into. Making space for pause, for time out, with no external noise, no distractions, interactions or technology to intrude is the absolute best way to learn to listen to your own answers, rather than referring to external people or stimuli for guidance. Taking pause is paramount to connection to self. Start to schedule pause time regularly: even if it’s only five or ten minutes per day of solitary, deep breathing over a cuppa.

5. Honour your need for nourishment

This final tip is perhaps the only tip you really need. Every issue you encounter in life is a reflection of how you see yourself and how much love, abundance, happiness and grace you will allow yourself to feel. The only question you need to answer if you feel lost, hopeless, frustrated, overwhelmed or stuck is: where in my life am I blocking my need for being nourished? Our lack of nourishment often shows up in excess weight, disconnected or passive-aggressive relationship patterns or an inability to find a soul-satisfying career. Learning to listen to your deepest inner wisdom is paramount to leading a life that nourishes.

So honey, its time to make space for the life you crave .. Here’s to your Delicious Life in 2013 and beyond.

Kylie x

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Kylie Patchett

Kylie Patchett is the author of The Tall Poppy Project:: Stand Tall + Stake a Claim On Your Delicious Life. An inspirational speaker, and former forensic scientist turned holistic health coach, she is the founder of The Tall Poppy Project: an online holistic health oasis for gorgeous gals. She delivers life-transforming workshops and coaching programs designed to bring awareness to true integrated holistic health and the impact that learning radical self-respect can have on your time on this gorgeous planet.

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