Which kind of SEO wine are you drinking?

Just like with a bottle of wine, the quality of your SEO strategy and implementation matters immensely. Choosing a quality bottle of wine over a cheap one ensures you are not left with a hangover. In a similar vein, just because your business employs SEO techniques doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re obtaining maximum benefit. Poor SEO strategies and sloppy implementation can bring hangovers of their own–for instance, in the form of penalties and loss of ranking. Here are some ways in which your business’s SEO strategy can benefit from the wisdom of wine.


Champagne is often called upon during celebrations. The popping of the cork occurs with great fanfare, and flutes of bubbly champagne are poured with excitement. However, once the fizz disappears, champagne turns flat quickly. Similarly, coming up with a new SEO strategy and implementing it for the first time can be exciting, but if you haven’t chosen well, your traffic or conversion rate will start to stagnate. A good SEO strategy shouldn’t fizzle out but provide long lasting results.

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Cheap wine

It’s easy to pick up a bottle of cheap, low quality wine at a supermarket, but drinking too much of such wine can result in hangovers. Similarly, a quick and cheap SEO campaign can be inexpensive and convenient to implement due to sketchy practices such as the use of low quality link directories, link farms, link exchanges and black hat tactics, but can result in negative results. Your traffic may increase momentarily, but your site could later be associated with numerous dodgy links and suffer from drops in rankings and penalties from search engines, which are costly mistakes to rectify.

Big bold red wine

Just like a big, bold glass of red wine, the opening of a new website full of quality content can be a grand affair. However, red wine needs to breathe so that its flavour and aroma can open up. Similarly, your beautiful new website’s exposure needs to be maximised so it can become truly effective. High quality SEO will enable your site to expand its exposure to relevant visitors, and in so doing will ensure your site fulfils its marketing potential. The more exposure your site receives, the greater its potential popularity as visitors share your links on social media platforms and through word of mouth.

Expensive wine

Just as a high quality bottle of wine only gets better with age, so too should a website with well-implemented SEO. With the use of proper SEO techniques, your site should get better and better as it matures, with your page rank increasing and traffic growing at a steady pace.

Rather than first drinking a poor quality bottle of wine and then regretting it, it is better to choose the right bottle of wine at the start. Similarly, implementing the right SEO techniques from the start will ensure that over time your site gets as much of the right kinds of traffic as possible, rather than being saddled with numerous problems.

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  • Andrea Madden

    Written with such a feminine flair, I loved it.

    You’re certainly right that there can be vast differences in the quality of the SEO applied to a campaign. It is not all created equal.

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