Four things to ask your… Social Media Manager

This is the third post in our January tech series, “Things to ask your…” . Catch up on the previous two: Three things to ask… Your software developer and Four things to ask… Your website developer!

This week, we’ve turned our attention to social media. After all, it’s where you grow a community around your service or product, engage with your customers and potential customers, and build brand loyalty. I sat down with Shonay Shaw, who works as a social media manager, to find out the four key questions you should be asking a potential social media manager.

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What are the key audiences of different social media sites?

Not all social media sites are created equal. Different sites serve different purposes and attract different audiences. It is important that the person looking after your social media strategy has a good understanding of how social media sites vary, and also a thorough understanding of your organisation’s needs and target market. This way, they can assess which sites will be worth investing in and focusing on.

How do you plan on using social media to engage with customers or clients long-term?

Using social media successfully for a business is very different to using social media for personal fun. A good social manager should be able to understand how social media fits into your business. They will also have a long-term strategy around keeping existing customers or clients engaged while drawing in new ones from areas you haven’t tapped into yet.

In addition, how does the social media manager see the platform as a tool for communicating with your clients? Is it the main point of entry to your site or initial source of updates? Does it serve a help desk function? Ensuring you’re aligned on all these points will make for a good relationship.

What are the latest features of [Social Media Platform]?

Social media is constantly changing and evolving all the time. Features change. Search and display algorithms change. It’s important that your social media manager is up-to-date with the latest trends, features, updates and new sites so that your social media presence continues to work for you. Do some research beforehand, find out about the newest features that have been released on your original platform(s) of choice, and check if the candidate knows of them.

Chances are if they don’t have a clue about most of the major platforms, they won’t be able to make full use of all the platforms can offer. It may even harm your online presence if they’re not aware when big changes come in, especially the ones made behind the scenes.

Do you create content?

The creation and distribution of valuable content is one of the most powerful social media strategies an organisation can use. Quotes and images with your company’s logo that can be easily shared, tweeted or pinned can be a big boost in getting your brand recognised. Leading images, thought-provoking posts, infographics and even well-designed guides within your company’s area of expertise are also a big plus.

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A social media manager who is able to manage a content strategy, as well as author or source original content, is invaluable.


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Do you have any other questions we should be asking potential social media managers? Let us know in the comments!