Confessions of an Entrepreneur: Ben Wong, co-founder of Academy Xi

Confessions of an Entrepreneur is a series of events run by Leaders in Heels that showcases stories of entrepreneurs who have gone through hardships and difficulties of launching and growing their business. Some were wildly successful, while others failed. You’ll get to hear both sides of the story for a change!

Our first event is on Tuesday April 12 at 6:30pm, and we have four amazing entrepreneurs telling their stories on the night. Sound interesting? Purchase your tickets here!

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To give you a taste, we’ve asked each of our speakers a series of questions about themselves, and a teaser of what they’ll be sharing on the night. We’ve previously interviewed Elyse Daniels of Exodus Wear, and Yifat Shirben of who is now an entrepreneurial marketer.

Today, we’re talking with Ben Wong, a co-founder of Academy Xi. Academy Xi is a digitally focused education campus that career transforming courses for individuals wanting to expand their knowledge and skills in design, business and technology. Prior to this Ben developed and managed the admission team at General Assembly Asia Pacific. He has worked across a number of startups like Hire a Human, Lets fit and Lokii app.

Ben-wong-pBriefly describe what you do during the week.

Routine is key, something I’m still fine tuning. I set my alarm for 5:45 am switch on the light. I jump in shower, eat some breakfast and then do a 10 minute meditation. Clearing your head sets you up for a successful day.
Gym time is at 6:45am, then I finish up, coffee in hand and in the office by 7:45am. Within the first 15 minutes, I scan for important emails, check meetings for the day and then read my tasks. I use tools like Trello to manage my tasks and envision what I want to get done that day and how. I’ll usually have about 3 hours of meetings a day, combined with some catch-ups with my team. The rest of my day is emails, discussing partnerships and strategising for new opportunities. I find when I time my tasks, I’m more efficient, otherwise I get pulled into unimportant activities.
Every day is different, I meet with amazing people who share our vision and have a fantastic team to support me.

Why do you love doing what you’re doing?

I never knew what I wanted to do in life, now I get to empower people through education. I can change the world by giving people the knowledge and tools to make impact.

What will your confession be about… without spilling the beans?

I returned more than half of my investment ($55,000) to the investor of my 1st startup. But… why?

How did you grow as a result of it?

It changed the startups I decided to work on, and who I worked with, forever. Money is crucial, but it’s not success. Vision and passion is key.

If Ben’s teasers about returning investment capital has intrigued you, pick up a ticket to Confessions of an Entrepreneur and get the full story!