Find Time – with Rebecca Bojtor

Personal concierge services are finding favour with time poor professionals in Australia and overseas – generating $220 million in revenue in the US according to an IBIS world report. The trend appears to be rising here in Australia prompting Rebecca Bojtor to establish a personal concierge service to cater mainly for time-poor women. Leaders in Heels caught up with Rebecca to talk more on what Finding Time is all about!

1. What makes Finding Time unique from all the other concierge services?
Finding Time is a personal concierge service with a difference, built on the idea of helping like-minded women in business to create a work/life balance. Working women today work harder and longer hours to fulfill work and life commitments, so Finding Time carries out the necessary day-to-day chores to enable time-poor women to shine in the areas that really matter to them. We take on duties that range from the fiddly to the mundane. Through its client base and referrals, Finding Time is able to develop and build on a ‘Women in Business’ network to utilise and promote, where appropriate, when completing requests for clients. We believe in the philosophy that ‘many hands make light work’.

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2. What are the biggest strengths you bring to the business?
Throughout my busy career, I have worked for Museum Victoria and Swinburne University of Technology where I developed excellent organisational skills and a flair for customer service. I have co-ordinated a number of fundraising events, operated a very successful holiday let and have always juggled to balance my own work and family life commitments. Through these experiences I have developed the strengths that benefit to my business.

Clients are essentially asking me on to organise their lives in one way or another, so being able to relate to them, understand how their lives work, and on occasion having to think ‘outside the box’ is what being a Personal Concierge is all about. Attention to detail, time management, and interpersonal skills allow me to work without compromise at all times and are vital in the success of my business.being able to relate to clients, understand how their lives work, and on occasion having to think ‘outside the box’ is what being a Personal Concierge is all about

3. What do you see for the future of concierge type businesses?
Over the past 5 to 10 years the Personal Concierge industry has established itself in the US & UK and is now a growing trend in Australia. After all, busy Australians already employ the services of cleaners and gardeners as readily they do personal trainers and tutors for their children. The service of a Personal Concierge is simply expanding on those types of services.

A Personal Concierge not only addresses the problem of the time poor but more importantly gives them the choice on where they spend their valuable time. We live in a hectic world, and into the future this type of service allows time poor Australians to bring balance and order into it by giving them the choice about how they spend their time, at work, with the family, with friends or some ‘me time’ – the options are endless!

4. Have you encountered a funny situation while running Finding Time?
I was once asked to organise a “flash mob” as part of the celebrations for a Bat Mitzvah. I though, OK, I can do that, a bit of research on dance troops, pick some music, how difficult would it be? But no, the mother’s idea was to surprise her daughter by performing it herself with the help of a few friends…and me! It led to some very amusing rehearsals, some sore muscles and a lot of laughs. The day came, the music started and we were there in the middle of the party. I danced (loosely speaking of course) for an audience of about 50 that soon became part of the group, all laughing and thoroughly enjoying themselves. It was a hit, even the teenagers loved it. This was definitely the funniest experience I’ve had during my work, and I think it’s going to be a hard one to beat!I was once asked to organise a “flash mob” as part of the celebrations for a Bat Mitzvah

5. What has been your biggest learning to date?
Starting my own business has been a massive learning curve. There’s a tremendous amount of work outside attending to my client’s needs. I knew that I had the skills to do what I do, I can organise, plan, and work out solutions, but the actual task of running a business was, and still is, my biggest challenge to date.

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I was drawn to run my own business because of my passion to help women like myself and the actual logistics of the business was almost a by-product. I’ve spend many long hours getting everything right, learning how best to represent my business in the online world took a lot of understanding and patience, making sure I had all the necessary legal requirements and getting systems and processes in place.

While taking on errands for clients, I learnt very quickly never assume anything, be prepared and never be afraid of asking questions – it saves a lot of time and unnecessary back & forth with the client. However I wouldn’t change any of it, learning is what keeps my mind healthy, and working for myself allows me to provide a valuable service.

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  • Nicole Borovac

    If I had the services of a concierge for 1 hour I’d have a glass or 3 of wine with out any disturbance from phones, children, husband and pets as I just desperately #needmoretime for moi!

  • Carla

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