Fashion and Beauty Must Haves in the Office

Better safe than sorry. Be chic and fabulous in the office no matter what your day brings!

Having worked as a headhunter for a decade and meeting hundreds of “leaders in heels” throughout those years I have seen lots of “fashion accidents” happening in offices.
Why not avoid these unwanted surprises and be prepared?
Here are those fashion and beauty must haves that are best to keep in the drawer of your desk in the office just in case. You might never need some of them, but when you need them you need them badly.

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Fashion Must Haves



H&M Ballet Flats, $7, Megan Hess Garden of Versailles Scarf, $295, Fashion Emergency Kit, $38, Debenhams Sheer Tights, $6.85

1. A silk scarf in a colour that is most flattering to your face.

Have you ever had the feeling that you looked in the mirror in the office bathroom and realized that your outfit choice in the morning was not the best? That it is not the right colour on that day and makes your face look tired? Or you really happen to be tired? Well, it is time to pull that flattering colour out of the drawer. It will instantly brighten up your face and the luxurious silk will give a touch of glamour to your whole day. You will feel much better and more confident. It can also work as a cover if a stain happens to be on your top.

2. Flat shoes in a neutral colour that can be worn both with pants and skirts.

They come really handy after a long day when you have to still go and do the groceries. Or when those killer high heels that seemed like a good idea to wear for the whole day really turn out killers. And it is only 10.00 am. If you keep a neutral coloured pair in the office, they will match any outfit.

3. A pair of tights in nude colour.
Nothing is worse than a pair of broken tights, especially when you are meeting important clients and you have to look business appropriate. Nude will suit any outfit and any season. Plus you can put them on when your colleagues put the air-conditioning on too cold for your taste. If you live in a changeable climate (like Melbourne) and the weather changes from summer to winter in less than a second.

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4. A Fashion Emergency Kit.

These can either be purchased as a ready-to-use kit or you can create your own to fit your needs by putting together a couple of items in a cosmetic bag or a tin box.
Some ideas what to put in it to be prepared for quick fixes: mini sewing kit, hair band and pins, blister pads, shoe shine sponge, lint removing sheets, tissues.

Beauty Must Haves


Tiffany&Co. Cosmetics Bag, $140, Annick Goutal Perfume, $130, Nars Mascara, $27, Nars Lip Gloss, $28, Tic Tac Fresh mints, Toothbrush, $4.10, Mor Handcream, $22, Opi Nail Polish, $19, Sephora Deluxe Manicure Kit, $33

5. Perfume.

If you are like me then forgetting to spritz a scent on my neck before leaving in the morning can ruin the whole day…. it still happens sometimes in the early rush. Keeping a little spray bottle with your favorite fragrance in the office is so easy and does not cost a fortune. You can buy little plastic or glass spray bottles in cosmetic stores and spray your perfume to them. No more scentless days!

6. Cosmetics bag with your most important make up items.

Have you ever left at home your make up bag you always carry in your handbag? And even worse, you wanted to put your make up on in the car or in the office because you were running late?
I recommend to keep a basic kit with the items you use. If you are lucky you can even find mini versions of your favourite brand: mini mascara, lipstick/gloss, etc.

7. Toothbrush, toothpaste and mints.

Super-refreshing plus recommended by your dentist. A win-win.

8. Handcream, nail kit and nail polish.

A handcream with a beautiful scent can work wonders when you feel the need of some pampering on a busy workday. I think there is no need to explain the importance of a nail kit and if you have a favorite nail polish you tend to use regularly keeping a bottle with you can be the good idea for a quick chipping fix.

Do you have a must-have item that saved your day? Share your story with us!