Build self-esteem and change your mindset for success – 7 things every business owner MUST do

You can have the best products and services in the world but if you’re not mentally prepared to receive the money you deserve in exchange for them, you’ll sabotage every effort you make to get customers, which can ultimately break your business.

Secret #7 – Change your mindset and align it with success

The sad thing is you may not even be aware you’re self-sabotaging. For most people it’s an unconscious thing. It could take the form of procrastination, unfinished projects, responding to calls or emails too late, or not following up.

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Limiting beliefs, low self-esteem, lack of self-confidence are the most common form of self-sabotage. Numerous studies suggest that 96% of these beliefs come from other people. Many of them were formed in your subconscious mind between the ages of birth to seven years. Every limiting belief fits into one of four fear-based categories:

  1. Not living up to your full potential – fear of disappointing others, especially the Divine (God, the Universe, higher power etc).
  2. Loss of love – Fear of rejection, low self-esteem, humiliation, ridicule, or abandonment.
  3. Making the wrong decision – Fear of failure.
  4. Physical harm or death – Fear of physical pain, getting severely hurt, or dying.

This is what keeps you stuck and stops you from getting what you really want. It’s also the reason you keep making the same mistakes and repeating old behaviour patterns.

How to build self-esteem and remove limiting beliefs

The good news is that limiting beliefs can be removed. In the meantime, here are some useful tips to help you change your mindset and align it with success:

  • Be aware of your thoughts. According to Psychology Today magazine, we have up to 50,000 thoughts a day, over 80% of which are recycled over and over again. Most of them are negative and unsupportive.
  • Reframe any negative thoughts you become aware of into something more positive. Asking a how question such as “How can I…? “ is a good way to do this.
  • Surround yourself with as much positive energy and people as possible. If necessary listen to uplifting audios, watch inspiring videos and read motivating books.
  • For every negative thought or feeling you have ask “Where does this come from?” Remember that 96% of your thoughts don’t belong to you. If you get a light feeling (like when you think of something you love), then it wasn’t yours and you can release it. If you get a heavy feeling (like when you think of someone you don’t like) then you need to take action to remove it because it’s yours.

Now you know the tools, skills, knowledge you need to succeed in your business. It’s up to you to follow them. Use the seven business success secrets as a guideline. Plug in your specific information to make them your own and create a profitable, unique and authentic business tailored to suit you. Connect with me (see below) to ask a question or share your story. I’d love to hear how you go.

Leonie Hope

Leonie Hope is known as the Purpose, Passion and Profit Specialist, and founder of Inspired Life Paths. She’s also a speaker, author, and qualified NLP Coach. Leonie’s passionate about empowering entrepreneurs and business owners to create a profitable, unique and authentic business that stands out from the crowd and makes a difference. She achieves this by interpreting the information found in your fingers and fingerprints.

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