Success principles 7 & 8: Providing value and your relationship with money


Don’t expect the world to give you something for nothing, BE READY AND WILLING TO CREATE SOMETHING OF VALUE IN THE WORLD

You must be willing to provide a useful service; or to create a product, equivalent in value, to the material things you desire. This is how our world works!

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If money is not coming into your life, you are not providing value in the world! It is that simple!If money is not coming into your life, you are not providing value in the world

The world is full of people with ‘victim mentality’ who expect financial gain or handouts – ‘something for nothing’. Countless people believe they will win the lottery, but are not willing to do anything to earn money. To earn one’s own money, rather than it being handed to you, is one of the most important lessons in being human and is greatly satisfying.

Self worth

If you are waiting on a lotto win, it is pretty certain that you will have self worth issues because self worth is linked inherently to net worth.

A profound feeling of self worth comes from doing something that someone is willing to pay for. Hint: you will find people who have a problem with providing value in the world – have self worth issues. They go hand in hand.

Yes you may well win the lottery one day. However the easiest way to riches is to create something you are proud of and that the world needs and that is an expression of your own gifts and talents, the things that are inherent in you. The reason you have them is to USE them in a profession, to earn money to have an amazing life. To do something that makes you happy. You will be richly rewarded far more than through a lottery win.

Law of Compensation

The Universal ‘Law of Compensation decrees that what we give to others will come back to us in equal value. (Can you see how if you aren’t giving anything, you won’t get anything). The Law of Compensation encourages us to create something that fills a need in the world.

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Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote that in life we are all compensated in a like manner, for that which we have contributed. Emerson believes you will always be compensated for your efforts and contributions, whatever they are, however much or however little.

The Law of Compensation also states you can never be compensated in the long term for more than you contribute. The income you earn today is your compensation for your past actions. If you want to increase your compensation, you must increase the value of your contribution.If you want to increase your compensation, you must increase the value of your contribution

Your thought process, happiness and satisfaction, are also the result of things you have put into your mind. A mind filled with optimistic thoughts, visions and ideas of success, happiness and confidence, will be compensated in the day-to-day, by those positive experiences.

The Law of Overcompensation

Another law, The Law of Overcompensation, says success comes to those who contribute more than they take out. These individuals do more than they are paid for, they provide so much value. They always look for opportunities to exceed expectations. As a result of always overcompensating they are continually ‘over rewarded’ with employer and customer gratitude, in addition with the financial rewards that go along with their personal success.

Success Expert, Brian Tracy provides two tips you can do immediately to put these ideas into action. First, remind yourself regularly your rewards will always be in direct proportion to your service to others. How could you increase the value of your services to your customers, family, friends, even strangers today?

Second, look for ways to go the extra mile, to use the Law of Overcompensation in everything you do. This, Tracy says, is the great secret of success.


Money issues form the basis for some of the most dysfunctional problems that exist in the world – domestic abuse, violence, suicide, anger, feelings of despair and depression, lies and deceit and so much more. And, money issues are never about the actual money, rather they represent a metaphor for something else. Often one’s relationship with money represents a direct correlation with the value they put on themselves.

Money is only representative of the exchange of value in the world. You have to provide some value in order to receive it, and in order to receive it, you have to believe yourself of great worth in order to do something that will create value. In other words, if you don’t believe in yourself, you won’t be going out into the world doing anything that compensates you accordingly. DO you see the relationship here? Money was never meant to make you happy – it is just a tool to help you get what you want.Money was never meant to make you happy – it is just a tool to help you get what you want

Using coupons, vouchers, 2 FOR 1, Groupons and chasing sale items to amass cheap goods is counterproductive to self worth, it infers that is all you feel you are worth. Individuals selling cheap items are not getting paid for what they, the person, are worth. You are on the other end of a transaction where someone is not being paid their value, and consequently you will then find yourself experiencing the exact same situation. Pay people what they are worth – then you will experience being paid what you are worth.

Cleaning up your story with money and developing a healthy relationship with it, will be hugely transformative to you.

Read “The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles” for further inspiration.

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