5 tips for building a strong support network

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At LH Agenda, we believe having a strong support network is vital to our success and personal wellbeing. One of the main reasons we share articles with input from the amazing leaders within our very own LH Agenda community is because we believe that when we support each other, amazing things happen. So with that being said, it’s time to get picky about the people around you in order to build a support network you can rely on.

5 tips for building a strong support network

Elise Leon is the CEO & Founder of Live Fully Company and a mental health and wellness coach. Here are her tips for creating a tribe of like-minded, self-motivating, and goal-seeking individuals.

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1. Have a true sense of self.

Know who you are as a person, understand and believe that you are capable of creating amazing things. What are your beliefs? What is your vision for your future? Once you have a clear vision, then your energy will begin to attract your tribe of like-minded people.

2. Find people who have a similar background to you.

People who have experienced similar things to you might have more of an understanding of what you are building and where you are going in the future. Add these people to your support network!

3. Be willing to learn and grow.

It’s difficult to create anything with people that are not open minded. Make sure you’re being teachable and allow your support network to encourage you to try new things and help you see things from other points of view. 

4. Find people who are self-motivated.

Working with people who know how to get the job done and don’t have to wait for instructions. This takes confidence within yourself to take action.

5. Find people who are loyal & wise.

Sometimes as leaders and creators, our imposter syndrome can creep in and we have days of self-doubt. This is where your team is really going to come in handy. They should be able to motivate you and make you remember who you are. They will also keep you grounded and remind you of the reasons why you are on this amazing journey together.

What it feels like to have a strong support network

You will exert a lot of effort and time to accomplish your goals. Wouldn’t it be better to not have to do it alone? What if you could work on your dream with people who held your same values and beliefs? What if they believed in your dream just as much as you do? Wouldn’t that be the best motivation? 

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I’m fortunate to have an incredibly uplifting tribe here at Live Fully Company. Meghan and Cait are my team and uphold all of the values listed above. We support each other and believe in what the company stands for and what it can do for others. On bad days when our imposter syndrome gets the best of one of us, we come together and remind ourselves of the magic that we have created and the reason why our work matters. Go out there, find your tribe and live fully! 

“Everyone has good and bad days. It is really important that you build a support network around yourself; that you surround yourself with people who support you, uplift you and who you can turn for advice in all kinds of situations, whether it be doing your job, being a parent, being an entrepreneur or partner, or wherever you may be right now.”
~ Arienne Gorlach, Life is Crafted

Planning exercise: how to add mentors & sponsors to your support network

The following exercise was inspired by the Make Your Mark journalGrab a journal or notebook and follow the steps below.

Mentors for your support network

A great mentor can play an important role in your career development, but don’t be afraid to have more than one mentor in your support network! You might turn to a mentor for one specific skill or many skills, e.g. technical knowledge, understanding of the organisational ecosystem, or people management. 

  • List the people who are currently your mentors.
  • List the people you could also potentially turn to for mentoring support. 
  • List the skills you’d like to have supported through mentoring.

Sponsors for your support network

A sponsor offers more than just advice, they are someone who advocates for you in your workplace or business. The relationship with a sponsor is built on trust – they trust in you and you can trust in them to speak your name in a room of opportunities.

  • Identify three influential people who can help support your career—these are your sponsors.
  • Ask yourself – are these people influential, respected and trustworthy? If not, revise your list to people who are.
  • Ask yourself – what activities will help build the trust needed for these sponsors to willingly advocate for you?
  • Share your aspirations with your sponsors. Be careful not to over-share your weaknesses with potential sponsors. This isn’t the time to lead with “I’m not very good at…” It’s the time to show your best. You deserve to shine!

Now it’s over to you!

We hope that this building a support network exercise and the tips above will help you ​​find the right people to support you, uplift you and offer advice when you need it most. The relationships we have in life are so important, so spend the time to get them right.

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