14 tips for transforming obstacles into opportunities for growth

How do you turn obstacles into opportunities?

A challenging question, no doubt, for many of us when things go wrong.

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Seeing an obstacle as an opportunity is probably the last thing we think about, right? How much more can we take after all? Our partner is unfaithful, or we find out our child is using drugs. Our car breaks down when we are in a hurry, we lose our keys, we have an accident, we are about to present to a major client and lose our voice, we find ourselves with nothing from one day to the next. We strive to succeed and our health lets us down. The examples are endless. We all have our own story and definition for obstacles, yet we all know what they are and we all experience them! The greater the obstacle however, the greater the opportunity!

Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome

– Booker T. Washington

Here are 14 tips for Transforming Obstacles into Opportunities for Growth!

1. Never Give Up! The greatest achievements come from incredible obstacles. In fact, the greater the goal the greater the obstacles.

2. Think of challenges as opportunities to learn and grow. Challenges will help you grow on the way to your dreams.

3. Ask the right question! If something happens, how about asking, “How can I solve this?” Asking for a solution will open up your mind to inspiration and suddenly you become resourceful! Solutions start to pour in. It is important to refrain from unhelpful questions like “Why me?”

4. Life is full of duality, or opposites. How is one to know they have lost their sight unless one has seen the light? We cannot know one without the other. When we realize this, we suddenly see the order in all things.

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5. When we stop seeing things as good or bad and simply see them as they are, we are able to let go of our judgments. That makes our access to opportunity out of obstacles so much easier.

6. Say NO to Drama! When obstacles come up, instead of going into a panic, calling our friends, take a deep, long breath and look at the situation calmly.

Life is full of duality, or opposites. How is one to know they have lost their sight unless one has seen the light?

7. We cannot control people, places or things. We can only control our responses. Therefore naming, shaming or blaming does not serve us. What serves us is our personal awareness and accountability. We are, after all, responsible for our own lives.

8. You are your Attention. When challenges come up, do you look at the problem or the solution? Knowing how powerful our thoughts are, can we really afford to focus our attention on the negative?

9. When obstacles come up we often look at the obstacle. Try looking for the gift. The law of opposites deems there is always a gift and the evidence of the silver lining you have received is the fact that you are here, reading this right now.

10. It is important to become aware of our choices, if we wish to transform obstacles. We all make a million choices everyday, even when we don’t think we are (having a coffee, for example). By making conscious choices we can always check in and ask, “is this helpful to me and/or others”? Our bodies are amazing when we listen to them.

11. Learning to love who we are, by recognizing that we too, are full of opposites and they are all valid, gives us the confidence to handle any situation that comes up with the knowledge we will do our best.

12. We are all a part of the whole. Humans share the need to love and be loved. Whatever the event, collaborating with others rather than attacking them will bring positive results and that is a guarantee.

13. Be grateful for every experience because it has made you the person you are today. In hindsight, we always see the reason for things.

14. Inspiration is the key to transforming Obstacles. It is readily accessible when you are in the right frame of mind.

There you have it, my friends. We are incredibly strong; there is nothing we can’t do. Wishing you an easier passage through time. After all, we are power women!


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Tula Tzoras, The Inspiration Genie is here to Unleash Your Full Expression. She is an Actor, Author, Speaker, Host, with a successful acting career behind her, starring in several of Australia’s top rating shows as actor and presenter. Her experience in the Corporate Arena and Mindset realm make her a multi dimensional source. For more information, courses and coaching, please visit www.tulatzoras.com